Nigiri and Networking

Kristie Loakes on sampling sushi with the Birmingham Hippodrome Leading Ladies

We do love an excuse here at Harris Lamb to get out and about, meet new people and explore new places, but when it includes the chance to visit the swanky Park Regis hotel a stone’s throw from our Birmingham office, and moreover, sample sushi at the incredible Rofuto restaurant… Well…. Let’s just say our arm doesn’t need twisting far.

This week’s event was organised by the Birmingham Hippodrome Leading Ladies, which connects women from across the Midlands to network, share ideas and experience some of the fantastic opportunities that Birmingham has to offer.


For those that haven’t visited Rofuto yet, then I urge you to put it on your must-do list. The views alone across the city make it worth the visit, and the food is among the best I’ve tasted. 

Guests at the latest event included Higgs & Sons, BRI Wealth Management, and HSBC, and while we bonded over business cards and the best way to use chopsticks, what really brought us together was trying to decide how to share THIS:

We were taught about sushi etiquette (so it is NOT okay to poke the person opposite you in the eye with a chopstick to get the last piece) and how the different pieces are made, all the while being brought dish after dish of perfectly-prepared Japanese fare.

This was one of the Leading Ladies’ ‘on the move’ events, taking members and guests to explore the city and experience new places together. It’s a brilliant way to bring business people together in an informal way and give them a definite ice breaker. Networking isn’t for everyone, so it’s good to see organisations acknowledge that and create events that make it easier and more enjoyable.

We’ll definitely be exploring with the Leading Ladies more, and for those who haven’t had a chance to visit Rofuto yet, make sure you do. You won’t regret it.


Credit: Vivienne Bailey Photography


Credit: Vivienne Bailey Photography


Credit: Vivienne Bailey Photography