Being Able to Demolish

‘The art of demolition’.  It is a part of life as a Building Surveyor and Project Manager that we get involved in all aspects of the building process.  In many cases the start of a projects timeline is site preparation and demolition.

Coming just days after well known West Midlands Company:- Armoury Demolition & Re-Cycling collapsed into Administration nothwithstanding their having a string of high profile projects such as the New Library of Birmingham in Centenary Square, it seems a little unfair to be talking about demolition projects and how we are seeing a number of sites being cleared in a positive fashion readying plots for regeneration and new build.  However we are seeing signs of developers and site owners readying themselves by having sites cleared.

During 2010 and into 2011 we have had a steady flow of demolition contracts we have had to specify and appoint contractors for.  From 10 acres in Worksop where we had the Nottinghamshire Contractors, Bloom, clear the site of nearly 200,000 sq. ft.  We also have contractors starting on site in Poole, Dorset in the next month to start clearance work of the Old Poole Pottery Factory which is over 60,000 sq. ft.

We work very closely with clients to match their aims and objectives as there can be a variety of demolition solutions depending on plans for a sites onward use.  Buildings are sometimes cleared to provide mitigation of rates liability with little further thought on site development plans, in these cases a cost effective solution is to take down the upper building structure only and leaving slabs and yards in place which in many cases can help onward potential for open storage uses.  Planning for demolition works involves liaison not only with the client team but potentially with neighbouring occupiers and the Local Authority.

Full demolition and remediation can be provided when client’s plans are more advanced for onward development and rebuilding on site.  In these cases we work closely alongside ground and site remediation experts who dovetail with the specialisms that demolition contractors bring.

Choosing and appointing the right contractor is key in delivering satisfactory and timely demolition prospects for clients.

If you need advice on demolition or site clearance projects please contact one of the Building Consultancy team.

By Jason Brooks, Building Consultancy Department

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