Commentary on the UK’s Housing Shortage

As we near the election the development industry awaits with considerable interest to see what a new Government will do in terms of resolving the UK’s housing crisis.  Despite positive actions by the current administration to rectify the problem there is still a considerable shortage of housing provision.

Although it has been said in some quarters that the extent of the housing crisis has been over estimated our own experience of participation in a variety of Local Plans across the country is that there is still a woeful under-provision of housing with consequent implications for those in need of their own home, particularly those facing affordability problems.

It is important to remember that the provision of housing is not only an economic benefit itself, through the construction and supply chain jobs which are created during the development process, the provision of housing also helps to support the economic objectives of local authorities who are, to their credit, seeking to improve the economic conditions of their areas.

Continued levels of migration and increasing birth rates in some areas all contribute to the housing requirement which will have to be accommodated in future years.

The team at Harris Lamb Planning Consultancy works on a daily basis in the housing sector and is well placed to advise on the implications of the country’s continued housing requirement.

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