Energy Performance Certificates Coming to trap you?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) have been with us a few years now, everyone seems to have got used to them being attached to property details.  Whether many people understand EPC’s or take the time to study them is a matter for debate.

One thing is for certain, all of us in the property industry are going to have to take a fair bit more notice of EPC’s in the next few years.  Following the Energy Act of 2011 there are changes from April 2018 that will make it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC rating of F or G, these being the lowest 2 of the 7 grades on energy efficiency of buildings.

For landlords, occupiers, valuers, investors and funders these significant changes will have some major implications for the property industry.

The marketability of some properties may become impossible unless minimum standards are met.    It is clear that the risk this will increasingly pose means careful analysis of  the least energy efficient commercial buildings will be going on to a lot of peoples “Property Agenda”.

Although these changes are 4 years away it is clear that any affected landlords and occupiers will want to minimise their risks.  No doubt energy efficiency criteria will only be heightened again even when this first round of changes has been implemented.

If you think the EPC is going to trap you then you need to start on Energy Performance planning.

For advice and help on EPC’s contact one of the Building Consultancy team at Harris Lamb who can help and advise.