From 9th January 2013, Energy Performance Certificates to appear in all Commercial property Advertisements

An advertisement is hardly a set of marketing details or a contract for disposal and it is inviting preliminary interest.  Whether a property has a B or C rating even a B or F rating is hardly likely to affect anyone’s decision to request details and look for more information on the property advertised.  As far as we can see it is largely designed to waste news print!

What a silly piece of law making this is, driven by new rules from Brussels, it also means Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) must be put on public display in all commercial buildings above 5,000 sq ft from 9th January.

The government changes mean that commercial buildings that are visited frequently by the public, such as shops and restaurants, must now display a valid EPC in England and Wales, if one has already been undertaken.

The responsibility for displaying the EPCs will be placed on tenants rather than landlords.

It is the tenant’s, not the landlord’s, responsibility to make sure this happens for the space they occupy.  Landlords may, however, face similar obligations for common areas under their control.  Businesses can be fined for non-compliance on some of the new requirements.  We think these new procedures may have gone largely “under the radar” by tenants of affected commercial buildings, and this looks like an unnecessary extra burden of legislation that adds to the red tape of occupiers and the property industry when they least need it.

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