Harris Lamb Blog – 11 May

Alice Harding

1th May, 2010.

Talking to you!

By Alice Harding, Commercial Agency, Birmingham

“It’s easy, find out what property the person is looking for, make sure we have the details and it’s still available then send them the details, along with anything else that’s similar”

If only it was as simple as that to take enquiries and send out particulars.

A large part of my job is to talk regularly with people who are starting or refining a search for property. It is my responsibility to make sure they get the brochures they want and any other property brochures that may also suit their requirement.

You may think its easy but from the person who says “send me details, the office next to the pub on the A38….you must know it!” to the crackling mobile telephone call from the man saying “the big warehouse unit next to the Motorway and its painted blue” it is not always easy identifying what property it is exactly that someone is asking about.

The most important information I need to obtain from anybody asking for property details when talking to enquirers are as follows:-

Get a contact number, Rule 1 for anybody, if you start on the basis that you are both able to communicate with one another again when you’ve put the phone down then you wont go far wrong.

Find out as best you can the type of property they are looking for, after all that’s why you are talking to each other and here come a number of related points.

How big? Always ask, Buy or Rent? Sometimes it is both, Specification? This covers a range of options.

Where do you want to be? Sometimes it is obvious but it can deceive when someone says I want to be in Coventry, but I also want something in Derby later this year.

Budget? I think this can be the most revealing question or the best clue you can give when looking for property.

The final few questions or points to make are really winding down the conversation and bringing it to a close but the crucial one is “where do I send the details?” this can be a minefield! Get the right address and make sure that you can send details directly or do they have to go “Private and Confidential” You need to find if possible the timeline for someone wanting to then be followed up to arrange viewings or to refine their search.

Last but not least….its always good to ask “is there anything else you are looking for?” Never fails and surprising what you find out!

Good luck next time you find yourself asking for property details or end up having to take details yourself.

If you have a property requirement Alice would like to speak to you. Contact her on 0121 455 9455, or alternatively, email alice.harding@harrislamb.com.