Magnificent men and their flying machines

Occasionally, the Harris Lamb team likes to take a step back from the commercial property world and turn their hands to something different.
The business’ annual conference took place this month, and colleagues found themselves split into teams facing an extraordinary challenge.
Each team was presented with a box filled with glue, balloons, wire, tin-foil cartons, sticks and eggs, and told they had 45 minutes to create a flying machine from the contents.
David Walton, one of the evil geniuses behind the task, said: “The project was picked from the historic date of the transatlantic flight matching the conference date: May 20th.  This gave inspiration for the tasks.
“We wanted to encourage engagement between departments, so we matched team members with others that they might usually not have much day to day involvement with in order to build internal relationships.
“We wanted a fun project that got people problem solving, reading and interpreting a brief and working as a team.”
While the Blue Peter-style challenge caused a number of scratched heads and bemused expressions, 45 minutes later, there were a motley selection of darts, plans, frisbees and tanks lined up on the stands of Worcester County Cricket Club, poised to take flight. And some of them did fly! Others spun to earth extremely quickly.
The winning team was made up of Harris Lamb directors Neil Harris, Andrew Lamb, Richard Fantham, Charles D’Auncey and Peter Wood.
We’re pretty sure it was a fix.