More Housing Numbers in the Pipeline

James Hollyman

12th July, 2012.

More Housing Numbers in the Pipeline 

By James Hollyman, Town Planner.

My colleague Mark Alcock penned a note about our success at Harris Lamb over the last 6 months in securing planning for nearly 800 residential units… 




I thought I would quickly follow that up just to reinforce the strength of our work with the housing market.  I have had a quick calculation of our ‘pipeline’ of applications over the next year or so and by our measure we are promoting some 2,500 new units across the Midlands, North West and in pockets of the South East.

We think our total number of new units in 2012 will top out at over 1,800 consents with particular focus in Gloucestershire and Cheshire.

The momentum that we have seen building in land owners whether housebuilders or traders is driven in large part by the strength and appetite of the National Housebuilders to acquire land.

Bovis Homes reported this week that its drive to buy quality consented land has seen it acquire more than 1,800 plots of land in the first 6 months of 2012.  Bovis reported the acquisition of 11 new sites represented these housing numbers. 

Whilst not an easy market by any means, with Bovis saying homes buyers were taking longer to make their purchase decisions and that they continued to face a challenging mortgage process.

The Bovis Chief Executive talks about the Companies “continued success in the land market during the first half of 2012” and this is something that we are seeing too.

For details on our planning services or any sites we are selling into the market, please contact one of the team.



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