New Businesses

As part of my work in Staffordshire and South Cheshire I look after quite a few of the properties that most suit some of the ‘Start up’ businesses, whether these properties comprising offices, warehouses, industrial units or to a lesser degree, retail buildings.

Take up and lettings at one estate I deal with are typical of some of the increased activity I have seen in the last six months.

We market an estate in Fenton namely Imex Business Park on Ormonde Street where we have a range of accommodation in units from circa 500 sq ft upwards.  Having a range of smaller units on a single estate is a really good ‘offer’ to have for prospective tenants as are the other key factors namely; security, flexibility and a good standard of space.

We have had high interest in sites offering small units like this, which have resulted in several lettings on the estate to include the most recent to ENC Exports and RDS Vehicle Repairs, both units of 500 sq ft.

However, larger units are also of interest.  For example, I also let a unit of 1,200 sq ft unit on the estate to Staffordshire Digital Services, where the building and estate were ideal for their business supplying aerial and satellite equipment to the trade and public across Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire.

With the private sector continuing to innovate and start up new ventures, then businesses can grow. At Harris Lamb we have a wide range of properties to suit all new businesses and I sure I will be meeting with plenty more throughout 2012!

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