Playing our part in Cash’s Labels being born again

If you caught the story of Cash’s, Coventry’s oldest remaining weaving business going into Administration in February then you will know what a stir this created in the local and national media.  The story was covered extensively on the BBC with John Humphry’s on Radio 4’s Today and a major piece on BBC1’s “The One Show”.

The Cash’s business had been in existence for 160 years having been founded by Quaker brothers John and Joseph Cash in early Victorian times.

I manage the property that Cash’s occupied on Torrington Avenue in Coventry for retained clients of the firm.  As the story was so newsworthy I thought it was worth adding a footnote as the story had a successful outcome and we, as property managing agents, played our part in helping the business to “live again”.

We were involved in discussions and negotiations with the Administrators from the onset and then being able to deal speedily with the company that bought the business out of Administration to keep the business going forward at Torrington Avenue, the property we manage, if only in the short term.

We were central to negotiating a new deal for Cash’s Apparel Solutions with the backing of Jointak Group to continue their business once their purchase from the Administrators completed.

Manufacturing has started again and the labels, name tags and insignia which Cash’s produce is rolling off the production line again.

A good news story and a successful property management job too.  It’s not often we have properties we deal with in the headlines but its good when the story can be so positive.

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