Ready for a pop up?

I’d seen a piece on TV about the ‘pop up’ phenomenon and again an article in the paper made me think about the concept in a little more detail.

“Pop-Up” shops set to revitalise high streets’ was the headline for the story about cutting red tape as part of the Government’s plans that are trying to revitalise the high street.

Planning rules are to be relaxed to make it easier for temporary retailers – so-called “pop up shops” – to take on disused outlets for short periods until a permanent tenant can be found.

With a reported 11% rate of vacancy on high streets across the UK, the changes being mooted would enable landlords to change an empty shop’s usage for up to 2 years before having to secure planning permission.

A leading private equity investor and retail expert made a telling comment in saying:-

“Provincial high streets are severely depopulated because of retailers going broke and business going online.  They need to be reinvented – that innovation will come from start-ups.  Anything to encourage people to take a risk is good news and planning is quite a hurdle.”

At Harris Lamb our retail agency advice will certainly include commentary and profile advice to our clients, when necessary, about perhaps adding impetus in marketing vacant retail units and if the trial scheme run by the Start-up Britain Campaign gains momentum it may certainly help landlords and tenants alike.

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