Refund On Your Business Rates

Involvement with our clients on getting the correct rating assessments on their properties can lead to some surprising and, in many cases, quite attractive refunds being obtained.

Working as part of a team of 5 dedicated specialists dealing with all rating issues there are many areas where savings can be made.

One major area for savings is on building alterations, not only when building work is being carried out are there opportunities to save but sometimes the detail can hide obvious discrepancies.

I have heard of assessments where occupiers are being asked by the Local Authority to pay higher rates for instance on air conditioning that they do not even have.

One of the key components for any rating appeal is a proper inspection of the premises to spot those differences in specification or even in floor areas.

With the Chancellors UBR multiplier increasing well above inflation this April it is essential for everyone to ensure they have been properly advised and when appropriate appealed to make sure the correct rateable value is being applied.

The possibilities for temporary rate reliefs can also provide significant rates reductions in the short term.  These can be many and varied, and may relate to issues as wide as roadwork’s in the area, or decreased use of a property as a result of the changing occupational needs of a business.

Specialist help in these areas can often produce significant cash refunds and savings on future liabilities.

Andrew can help analyse, manage, audit and potentially reduce your Business Rates liabilities. Call him on 0121 213 6047 or email

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