Revolutions for New Business not an Industrial Revolution

We have world class businesses in the UK and we have world beating technology and manufacturing operations here in the Midlands from Jaguar Land Rover and JCB to the hive of Jewellery manufacturers in the Jewellery Quarter; the technology companies on our science parks to the arts and media operations in and around the Custard Factory.

Our award winning commercial agency operations are at the cutting edge of seeing new trends and requirements with the enquiries we receive every day looking for space.  The lettings and sales that we convert from these enquiries power the take up of accommodation and in most cases we see the trends for space requirements at the very earliest stages.

To read that “MP’s call for ‘new industrial revolution’ for the region” seemed to miss the point with the headline, although some of what was attributed to the Labour MP for Dudley North seemed pretty sensible.  He called for a new “industrial revolution” to back manufacturers and bring jobs and prosperity to the Midlands.

He was one of a number of MPs to call for more government support for West Midlands manufacturers in a 90 minute House of Commons debate.

They said that manufacturing firms were ready to create jobs and help end Britain’s economic slowdown, but businesses needed more backing from the Government.

The MP said: “We have to be inspired by that history and to create in the 21st century a new industrial revolution to bring new businesses, investment and jobs to region”.

Much was made by the MP’s about lack of skills in the workplace but little mention of the availability of decent property for business occupiers; encouragement for new technology businesses; encouraging innovation; building on the strengths of the old and new businesses already in the region to build on what we have already.

It’s not another industrial revolution but revolutions for all new businesses.


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