Trusting the Business Rates Adviser you appoint

I would stop short of saying I still hear “horror stories” from companies who have had a bad experience with those they have appointed in the past to handle their business rates but we do still hear of companies “having a bad experience” with their rating advisers.

Finding people you can trust to advise on how to reduce your business rates liability is not easy.  You have to negotiate a great deal of technical terminology which is almost impossible if you are not versed in rates appeals.

There are two important issues you need to consider when deciding to appoint a firm of Chartered Surveyors to review your rates:

1. Are my rates too high?

2. How do I know I am appointing someone who knows what they are doing?

Whilst companies can be contacted by a variety of firms and organisations advising that your rateable value is too high and stating they can achieve reductions in rateable values and rates payable on behalf of companies, the fact is that generally no one can be certain that any rateable value is too high – sometimes it can be too low!

At Harris Lamb our rating team will always give a free personal initial prior to submitting any appeal.

Our rating team can ensure achieving the best results on any rating appeal and specialise in business rates and on the basis of acting for some of the UK’s largest corporate occupiers we have the track record to show for saving clients money on their rates and giving trusted advice.

For help with your rates call one of the rating team at Harris Lamb on 0121 455 9455 or email

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