UK Broadband isn’t Good Enough

The quote from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) that I saw this week was that UK Broadband isn’t fit for purpose and that the UK’s broadband target is simply not ambitious enough when compared internationally.

We work with businesses every day and certainly broadband capability is one of the leading search criteria now.

It’s anecdotal I know, but one of my friends was saying how he signed a petition last week that was passing round his local pub, the petition was to be presented to BT and to Worcestershire County Council urging for both grant assistance to help, as well as the request to supply high speed broadband into the village where he lives.  The message is clear that higher speed broadband provision is still desperately needed in many areas of the UK.

The Federation for Small Businesses Report made the following findings on slow speeds:-

  • 94% of small business owners consider a reliable internet connection to be critical to the success of their business;
  • 45,000 of the UK small businesses are still on dial-up-speeds;
  • Only 15% of firms say they are very satisfied with their broadband provision.


I have blogged before on internet speeds and the initiatives of some Councils to offer grant funding to help provide better broadband particularly in rural areas, but businesses in towns and cities can also struggle with low broadband speeds.

I think the reports coming out about low broadband speeds show more must be done and this will help the commercial property market as much as businesses.

Jenny Robotham

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