Underlining the point on Development

My colleague, Charles D’Auncey’s points about the development cycle are good ones and working, as we do so often, hand in hand with the agents and deal-makers at Harris Lamb, we are also seeing first-hand the increases in development activity.

I could talk about all the project work we have on at the moment where we are working directly for occupiers.  I could also run through the developers and Funders we are acting for too, but instead I’d like to highlight a piece I have picked up on from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS have just announced output by UK construction firms was more than double the forecasted amount for the beginning of 2014.  The ONS had previously predicted growth in the construction sector of 0.6% between January and March 2014 but this has now been revised to 1.5% growth.

The rise in construction output is heralded as the largest in 4 years.  Whilst we know the house builders have been gaining momentum it is clear that growth and the development cycle is extending to other sectors too.

If you would like to discuss how Harris Lamb can assist you in any aspects of the development timeline, from Planning at the start, to letting or selling at the end (and all stages in between of course), please contact us.