What about the UK’s neglected Regions?

What about the UK’s neglected Regions?

The irony was not lost on me of reading a piece in the paper under the heading: – ‘Forget thriving south east and focus on our neglected regions’ as I sat on the train to London for a day packed with meetings.

The article said Government should stop HS2 and spend half the sum on speedy connections between northern and Scottish cities.

I found the arguments that the article made to be very topical and relevant for property in the regions but the thrust of the argument had some real resonance with me and one point in particular, made me realise that with Regional Development agencies abolished there is little opportunity for the regions to have their voices heard.  The point in particular was that there is a Commons Select Committee for the development of other countries but none for the regional development of Britain.  There are no fewer than 3 House of Commons Committees to monitor MP’s but none to examine UK regional development.

Whether HS2 is a good thing or not it is for others to debate but what is clear to us in the Midlands is that more emphasis needs to be placed on regional investment and promotion.  The inadequate broadband width in so many areas; the second rate road networks – try getting from Wolverhampton to Walsall in a hurry or Worcester to Hereford.  The state of our overcrowded trains and where, by the way, is the Tram system in Birmingham that was promised 15 years ago?

It is not to bemoan the large scale London projects – Tech City; new sewerage systems, Crossrail, underground expansions but rather to add a voice to say “what about increasing regional investment” – the benefits will flow as will the opportunities in commercial property.