EGi Award Winners – Recognition for the deals we do

egi-deal-web.jpgThe Harris Lamb team is delighted to have been named the Most Active Agent in the West Midlands for the fifth year in a row by EGi Deals – and it’s not an achievement we take lightly.

The property sector has suffered over the past few years as a result of the economic climate, and we’ve always been proud of the way that each of our agents throws themselves into their work; going the extra mile to understand a client’s needs, networking with businesses and land-owners to identify potential opportunities and ensuring that they’re at the cutting edge of market insight to advise clients and help them secure the right deal.

That kind of determination has been one of the keystones to our success over the past two decades – we’re very proud of the dedication and integrity of our team, but to have that acknowledged by industry bibles such as Estates Gazette cements to us as a business, and to the individuals who have worked for Harris Lamb, that what we try to do as a matter of course, is worthy of special recognition.

There are a huge number of very successful, established and hard-working agents across the country; and the very nature of the industry means that often, we’ll work together on behalf of clients to sell and let properties for them. We always acknowledge the success of our peers, and that’s why it’s such a morale boost for everyone within our agency to receive such an accolade from Estates Gazette – it’s a public acknowledgement that all of our continued efforts and dedication are worthwhile.

Such accolades work for us on two levels – firstly, just like a swimming badge, it’s something that we can hold up as proof that we worked hard and our efforts paid off, but secondly, it makes us want to continue to perform and uphold those service and success levels . Our own pride in the business and our service mean that we always strive to offer a consistently high level of customer service, but once we start to achieve these awards on an annual basis, it acts as a real incentive to continue to deliver and prove that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues at Harris Lamb, in particular the dedicated agency team, who’s outstanding contribution this year within the commercial property market played a key part in securing this success for the practice.