A Birmingham property consultant has undertaken a grueling 55-mile bike-ride to help raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease.

Steve Pell, who works at Harris Lamb, pledged to take part in the ride from Clapham to Brighton Pier to help raise funds for research and treatment into the condition after a friend’s father died from MND.

Steve, who signed up with a friend, said: “I’m not a big cyclist but when I found out about the race, which saw 2,500 other people ride together to raise funds for various causes, I knew it would be a good way to help raise some awareness of the condition. Not many people know about MND, which attacks the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, and the devastating effects it has.

“There is currently no cure for MND, and having seen someone I was close to suffer, I wanted to do something, both to help raise funds for the MND Association to aid research and treatment, but also to make more people aware of the symptoms and. MND is a progressive disease that gradually prevents the brain from sending messages to muscles, leading to weakness and wasting, and affecting speech, breathing and the ability to eat and drink.

“The ride itself was an incredibly emotional experience. It took five hours and 15 minutes to complete, but having so many other people spurring you on, many in commemorative clothing to remind them who they were doing this for, really made it a powerful experience. In all, I raised more than £475 from supportive colleagues, friends and family, and I hope to undertake more fund-raising in the future to try and find a cure, or alleviate the suffering of those diagnosed with MND,” he added.