Harris Lamb’s building team has overseen the £3.75m, 4,800 sqm. extension for Alamo Manufacturing Services (AMS) in Salford Priors, a member company of Alamo Group Europe Ltd, whilst minimising the impact on surrounding areas and the environment.

Alamo Group Europe Ltd are world leaders in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of high quality agricultural equipment, sought the support of Harris Lamb in order to expand its ‘AMS’ operation located at Salford Priors, whilst minimising disruption to the existing site and ensuring that processes were sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Paul Wells, Director of building consultancy at Harris Lamb, said: “The construction had to be done in two phases to ensure that work at an existing paint plant wasn’t disrupted. It allowed for a new, larger and more efficient paint plant to be formed and made operational before the second phase was commenced. Close planning and coordination was required during the year-long period the project was on site.”

Kevin Scrivener, who oversaw the project, said: “Alamo Group Europe places great importance on sustainability and ecological responsibility, so a major part of the project involved incorporating this philosophy within the design, which also provided the added benefit of reducing capital expenditure.

“A critical part of the project involved an ecological drainage system. The site is located in a flood plain so we had to create a system that would provide the requisite attenuation during prolonged rain periods to avoid compromising site operations through standing water or flooding.

“Due to the availability of land, this took the form of an attractive swale, which is already providing a habitat for local wildlife. Also the design has dealt with the extremely wet weather during the recent winter.

“In addition, we switched to natural gas and liaised with planners to keep materials on-site throughout the project, both of which led to significant construction and operational savings for the business”.

Alamo Group Europe’s UK Agricultural Division, which encompasses brands including McConnel, Bomford, Spearhead, Twose and Kellands, invested in the expansion in order to meet their growth needs for the future.

Richard Ward, Manufacturing Manager of AMS, said:  “Harris Lamb provided a personal and professional service, helping us to deliver this challenging scheme within budget and on programme and we would thoroughly recommend their services to any company considering the expansion or re-development of their business facilities”