New Survey Boat for Specialist Aquatic Ecology Surveys


Harris Lamb’s Ecology department has unveiled a new addition to the team…  Buoyoncé the aquatic surveys boat.

The business, which has Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management accreditation, has invested in the survey boat to enable the team to get out on the water for more specialist aquatic ecology surveys. 

Rob Harrison, Principal Ecologist, said: “Harris Lamb is proud to have a dedicated team of in-house experts in aquatic ecology and wetland habitat management, and invested in the survey boat further to an increase in specialised survey instructions throughout the country.

“Buoyoncé – we held an internal contest to name the new addition – will allow the team to get out onto the waterways to conduct a vast range of surveys for which they hold licenses, including crayfish mitigation surveys, tentacled lagoon worm surveys and licensed works, aquatic plant surveys, water vole and otter surveys, invasive species surveys and control, and river corridor surveys.

Aquatic Surveys by Harris Lamb Ecology Team
New Survey Boat for Specialist Aquatic Ecology Surveys
New Survey Boat for Specialist Aquatic Ecology Surveys

“These help us provide accurate reports and advice for our clients to prevent delays in their developments, and provide support with matters including fisheries habitat assessments, hydroelectric scheme assessments, dredging and desilting plans and diffuse and point source pollution studies as part of our environmental projects throughout the UK.

“Further to the publication of the Government’s 25 Year Plan in 2018. There is increasing emphasis on accountability when it comes to environmental responsibility, and we work closely with our clients to provide as much support as possible when it comes to identifying wildlife and environmental issues that could have be impacted on by their works. This survey boat will increase our capacity to deliver these projects,” he added.

For details of the kinds of aquatic surveys the business can provide,

  • Water vole survey
  • Otter survey
  • Crayfish survey and mitigation under licence
  • Aquatic plant surveys with specialist experience in common standards monitoring for canals, ditches, rivers, lakes and ponds (inc. PSYM).
  • Floating water-plantain Luronium natans survey and translocation under licence.
  • River jelly lichen Collema dichotomum survey
  • Macroinvertebrate survey and identification  
  • Tentacled lagoon worm  Alkmaria romijni survey and licenced works
  • Pearl muscle Margaritifera margaritifera survey
  • Benthic diatom surveys and lab analysis
  • River bryophyte surveys
  • Hydroelectric scheme assessments
  • Fisheries habitat assessment
  • Electrofishing
  • Invasive species survey and control
  • New Zealand pigmyweed Crassula helmsii survey for conservation projects
  • Water Quality monitoring and sediment sampling
  • Catchment walkover surveys
  • Diffuse and point source pollution studies
  • Dredging and desilting plans
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) assessment
  • River Habitat Survey by EA accredited surveyors
  • River Corridor Survey

a full list of which follows, contact Rob at


Aquatic Survey Team