A Crash Course in Crayfish

Our Principal Ecologist Rob Harrison attended the SureScreen Scientifics Ltd Crayfish Conference last week.

The conference included technical talks on a technique using environmental DNA to test whether crayfish are present in a watercourse.

A crash course in crayfish

Presentations were provided on sample collection, method development and other eDNA market developments, along with tours of the laboratories.

Rob says: “It’s good to find out how the sector is changing and what new methods are being introduced to help support our work.

“This has been particularly useful to see how this newly developing technique can be applied for environmental surveys and how we can help our clients utilise new technology to reduce costs and increase accuracy of detecting protected species such as crayfish.”

To find out more about crayfish and protected species surveys, or to discuss any environment issues on your site get in touch with Rob at rob.harrison@harrislamb.com.