Commercial Building Surveys

Having no House Survey is a false economy – Having no Commercial Building Survey is too!

The RICS has just reported that more families are shunning full building surveys so they can raise enough cash to buy a home. The warning is that people run the risk of huge repair costs after finding nasty surprises later on.

It is reported that of 1,000 people contacted that one in five who had not commissioned a survey, went on to later uncover faults. Remedial works costed an average of £5,750 across the survey and with nearly 20% of people paying over £12,000 to make their homes habitable.

As part of my professional life it is one of the most regularly discussed issues that we have to answer – ‘why should I have a pre-acquisition survey’? Whilst a pre-acquisition survey comes in a few formats – from a schedule of condition on leasehold properties; to the ‘full structural survey’, we generally refer to Building Surveys as pre-acquisition surveys when acting for purchasers.

There is a long list of obvious things that a professional Building Surveyor looks at but we concentrate on the fabric of the building and how it is constructed. Our survey looks at the future life of the building; how it works and how long it will fulfil all it should do without anything more than ongoing maintenance and decoration.

We act for clients across the UK in assessing and reporting on the condition of buildings from High Street shops to high bay warehouses.

The report from the RICS was specific to house buyers obtaining survey reports but it is as relevant to commercial property occupiers too.