Worcestershire – The County to do business in

As we, at Harris Lamb prepare to support the Chamber of Commerce ‘Expo’ at the County Showground in Worcester, we are getting ready with all the property details and profiles of opportunities across the County of Worcestershire where we are adding value to clients property holdings and where we will be showcasing some of the great schemes that we have.

A welcome bit of PR for Worcestershire were the stunning new figures revealed last week that Worcestershire’s economy has been the third fastest growing in the entire country – outstripping all but two other parts of the nation.

Between 2008 and 2013 the county’s economy grew by 16.82 per cent, with only London and Oxford faring better.

The release of these statistics follows years of major investment in Worcestershire, particularly by the private sector which has sunk a reported £600 million in during just the last three years.

Worcester MP Robin Walker has been quick to comment on the news of the Worcestershire growth rate.

Mr Walker has called the long-term trends “remarkable” and says it shows Worcester is moving in the right direction.

“It is wonderful to see a jobs recovery that is so broad based,” he said.

“More people in Worcester are working than ever before and that is the case whether we look at men or women, younger or older people.”

Our work as property agents, planners and consultants is to continue to help this trend for business growing in the County.  With major schemes from Silverwoods in Kidderminster to Worcester Technology Park, we are agreeing the new lettings and sales that deliver this growth.

As award winning ‘most active agents’ we are at the forefront of ‘doing the deals’ and our presence at the Expo is all part of our work.