Harris Lamb’s Building Consultancy team has been working with a diverse UK client portfolio to ensure that a range of projects are meeting construction requirements to enable a smooth completion process post-pandemic.

The team, which oversees a wide range of duties in overseeing construction processes, has been liaising with clients to monitor and assess progress in readiness for work being resumed in the coming weeks.

Gareth Booker said that while many operations had been temporarily halted while the UK adapted to measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, clients had the added concerns of failing to meet stipulated deadlines and budgets, and the team was carrying out assessments and inspections in order to help facilitate a seamless completion process as soon as it was deemed safe to resume work.

He said: “While we are experiencing very challenging and uncertain circumstances right now, we are conscious that our clients are going to be eager to resume as normal a footing as possible when restrictions are relaxed, and further delays to ongoing projects would prove detrimental.

“Our team has been able to use this time to safely carry out its duties to minimise disruption to as far as possible, with the past few weeks having seen us a perform desktop assessments for acquisition reports, undertake dilapidations negotiations on behalf of landlords further to tenants evacuation, and carry out inspections and project monitoring at a number of commercial and residential sites as far afield as Southampton and Manchester.

“A number of construction firms have announced they plan to resume work in the coming week, so we have been able to use the time where sites have been vacant to safely carry out the inspections required to facilitate that.

“We are confident that the property sector will recover from this, but in order for it to do that effectively it is essential that clients are confident all projects are running to plan to allow them to complete them as close to the specified time as possible, and within budget,” he added.

For details of the project support the Building Consultancy team can provide, contact the team on gareth.booker@harrislamb.com, paul.wells@harrislamb.com or hsuchiu.lau@harrislamb.com.