Indian fast-food chain Wrapchic is successfully ploughing on with its expansion plan, crediting property consultants Harris Lamb with being pioneers for growth.

Mahesh Raikar, who founded the business in 2012, said that the business had grown from one site in  a central Birmingham mall to having a presence in the Bullring, on key high streets, in hospital food courts and on university campuses, and that Harris Lamb was proving a close business partner in identifying opportunities for expansion.

David Walton, head of retail, said: “We see Mahesh as a great influencer and recently invited him to address the company as a whole to share his vision with all of our agents so that they fully understood the business and were primed to act on its behalf should suitable sites come to light.

“Wrapchic has enjoyed incredible growth across the UK and is already looking to open its first outlets abroad, and we’re committed to supporting its growth. Harris Lamb is currently in talks with key landlords and providers across the country to negotiate a further presence for the chain,” he added.

Mahesh added: “Wrapchic is going through an exciting transition at the moment, increasing its lunchtime grab-and-go offering to options that are suited to all times or the day and evening, and we’re looking at evolving the business from snack counters into fully-fledged atmospheric restaurants offering a bar service. We have just signed our latest property in Westfield’s Bradford development and can’t wait for the construction to be complete so we can start trading.

“Harris Lamb has committed time to understanding the business and its change of focus and has become a pioneer for our business, using that knowledge to find complementary sites.,” he said.

The business is currently exploring expansion opportunities within Northampton, Nottingham and Central London, as well as Dubai, Bahrain and New York.