Mill Green Designer Outlet Village set to be a major boost for Staffs economy

shopperThere have been rumblings for the past few years that developers wanted to open a retail outlet village in Staffordshire, but the rumours have finally become a reality and set hands hovering over purse-strings in anticipation.
Not only have plans for Mill Green Designer Outlet Village finally been given the green light, but big names including LaCoste, Boss and Polo Ralph Lauren are being targeted for when it launches in 2018.
As a natural half-way point between existing outlet village success stories Cheshire Oaks and Bicester, there is enormous scope for Mill Green, where its central location within the UK could – if pitched to potential retailers and shoppers properly – see it present itself as a real contender to Bicester’s crown as Europe’s most successful outlet retail experience.
Despite the economic slump in the past few years,outlet sites have continued to thrive, benefitting over their high-street and high-end counterparts as a result of retailers selling less in their stores and having more unsold stock to shift.
That, combined with a concentration of designer brands into a single focused location, makes them a huge attraction to savvy shoppers who enjoy high quality brands and getting a deal.
Planning often limits the occupier to running their stores at discount prices, thus attracting anyone who likes a bargain. The upside of this for retailers is footfall and the ability to increase sales volume – resulting in a definite win:win situation.
The location of the new Cannock scheme will certainly redress the balance between designer outlet sites, and will serve as a massive boost to Staffordhire as a whole – the additional retail parks that have sprung up close to Cheshire Oaks, and the housing developments and hotels that are responding to interest in Bicester demonstrate just how much of a draw the planned attraction will be.
Add to that the additional 1,200 jobs expected to arise as a result of the £110 million centre, and Staffordshire’s economy is set on course for a massivce boost in 18 months time.