Nottingham Canal Improvement Partnership has appointed an ecologist from Harris Lamb to its steering committee to help it achieve its vision for the waterway.

The Partnership has appointed Principal Ecologist Rob Harrison to help it achieve its goal of transforming the Nottingham & Beeston Canal into a vibrant destination and green-blue route into and through the city.

Ecologist Appointed to Support Nottingham Canal Improvement Partnership
Pic: iStock/exsluziv

He joins representatives from the Canal and River Trust, Nottingham City Council, the city’s Business Improvement District, the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, and other businesses, landowners, waterways users and educational and health bodies in working to secure funding to improve the canal and develop awareness and support for its efforts.

Rob said: “Having completed extensive work within the rivers, canals and waterways sector, I am very committed to maximising these important ecological areas to enhance the environment for both the creatures that make them their habitat, and the residents and visitors who can benefit from improved health and wellbeing.

Rob Harrison

“One of the key lessons that 2020 has taught us is that many of us take the local environment for granted. With essential businesses, recreation centres and gyms closed for much of the year, many people turned to attractive canal routes as their preferred setting for running, cycling and walking, so I hope that there will be more appreciation for the NCIP’s work moving forward.

“We believe that with proper investment and support, the Nottingham and Beeston Canal can contribute to a more sustainable, productive, and inclusive economy, while continuing to enhance the health and wellbeing of local people and visitors by encouraging them to spend more time at the waterway,” he added.

As part of its work, the steering committee will consult with communities and businesses to develop its vision for the Canal, highlighting key opportunities for planting, art and signage to attract more visitors, while developing a programme of waterside wellbeing and volunteering activities to engage the public and encourage people to visit and spend longer next to the waterway.

Rob added: “There is huge scope for attracting more people to the waterway an and investing in it to make it a key attraction for the city, with long-term opportunities such as water taxis and trip boats being on our agenda, as well as canal-side attractions such as a farmers’ market and exhibitions.

“I’m very excited to be involved with this influential group and look forward to helping make this important waterway one of significant appeal,” he added.

Rob was also appointed to the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s (CIEEM) Environmental Net Gain Task Group earlier this year.