Harris Lamb – The House Builder’s Planner of Choice

Mark Alcock

11th July, 2012.

Harris Lamb – The House Builder’s Planner of Choice

By Mark Alcock, Town Planner.

Town Planner Mark Alcock talks about Harris Lamb’s record number of post-recession housing applications on behalf of land and development clients and what it could mean for the future of housebuilding….




A bit of a bold Statement, although,  perhaps it could even read “The House Builder and Residential Land Trader’s, Planner of choice”.

We have just taken stock of the number of residential units for which we have obtained planning permission/secured resolutions to grant planning in the first 6 months of 2012.  It is a great achievement for us to have secured planning for 772 units (dwellings) in the last 6 months. 

To put that in context, housing targets have been reduced to around 160,000 per year by Councils in England – a 13% drop in the 185,000 new home target annually set by the Regional Spatial Strategies. 

So, on the basis that Harris Lamb have been producing approximately 1% of the total housing target residential approvals averaged over the last 6 months, I thought a bit of self promotion of this work was probably overdue!

Our work with the major house builders and land traders is something we have not publicised enough really but it is a central part of the Planning work we undertake.  It also links with our agency work in acquiring and selling sites.

Recent successful schemes we have promoted and won approvals on include 230 units with Persimmon and St Modwen at Longbridge in Birmingham; 150 units at Stourbridge Wharf in the Black Country and 172 units in Kidsgrove, North Staffordshire. 

If you have any land and property where you need expert planning advice then please contact us.  Delivering 1% and more of England’s residential planning consents is something we want to maintain and build on.

Please contact myself or any of the Planning team for a chat. 

If you own or have an interest in land, or if you just want some general planning strategy advice, contact Mark on 0121 455 9455 or email mark.alcock@harrislamb.com.

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